Tanzania – Anna & Ben engagement shoot


Well, we were very lucky indeed to be invited to Tanzania to Anna & Ben’s Wedding! However only one of us were able to go. Just one of us. The other wasn’t able to make it and stayed at home in the cold.  As you may have guessed it wasn’t me unfortunately but Chi who was the lucky one here on an exotic weekend trip! And he took some fantastic pictures which we will share with you soon! As time was tight, Chi managed to accompany them on their last minute errands the day before their wedding and managed to do an engagement shoot in various locations along the way. Looking at this couple you would never guess the wedding was just a day away – they look far too relaxed and are having too much fun! So as you can see they were a pleasure to work with, and Anna is such a natural beauty. The wedding pictures are to follow but for now, enjoy these pictures….hmmmm don’t you wish you were drinking from a fresh coconut in the sunshine right now?!



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